December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas.Frohe Weihnachten.Afishapa ❤

I can't believe tomorrow its already Christmas?! Awww I'm sooo homesick not even funny. THis is my 1st time being away from home during Xmas. I'm a big girl now I guess lol. DO you hear the subtle irony in that. Anyway I'm so gonna be all over skype and talking to my loved ones back home which hopefully gonna help me feel better.  I'm getting closer on findin my perfect dress for NYE. I freakin love this one. While I was surfin and ridin the online shopping waves I stumbled over this cute dress on ebay. It looks kinda short. Well actually more than short but hey I guess I won't be bending lol.
 I will test drive the dress and if it really is to short  or doesn't fit me which is likely I'll just put it back online and resell it. Its all about Hit or Miss. And for those of you who can't get enough of me ^^ check out my new post for my Internship I told you about Follow your Animal Instincts.Thank you soo much guys for your support and for following me. You are the reason why I don't feel like an complete idiot talking to myself. 
I wish you a wonderful Christmas. A lot of Mistletoe Hook Ups and a lot of Santas Goodies.
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                                        Bisou, Bisou

December 20, 2011

Beauty comes in every size ツ

I just have to share this with you guys: today I saw the men of my dreams. THe father of my children. Love of my Life. My Clyde. I was gettin my daily dose of drugs at Starbucks, about to take off when I saw him. Black Chrysler driving by. Best intense 5 seconds of my life. Come and find me unknown Rider. Thats just a little something aside in case you hear i'm getting maried in a few weeks lol. Back to the fun part ( not that sinkin in those eyes  and thinking about what college our kids going to attend wasn't lol )
Let's face it, dollz. In Society being skinny is still the norm and  considered beautiful. The other day while I was on the hunt for soome pre NYE dresses, there was a mother with two teenage daughters. One of them was more the skyinny type and the other one more chubby. Anway they where trying on dresses when the Mom was complementing the skinny one on how gorgeous she looks.The other one though she told ' Oh honey you can't be seriously considering this dress, you are to big for that'. I was shocked. Ready to get in Ninja Mode and give her a nice taste of my new Steve Maddens. 
I jumped right in and told the cute girl that she looks fabolous. And she should wear whatever she feels pretty and comfortbale with and earned a ' I didn't mean it that way' glance from the Mom.
What is wrong with the world?! 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' Don't let people get to you. Embrace yourself and do you. Beauty comes in every size,shape and colour.
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                                Bisou, Bisou

December 19, 2011

Point Taken ✔

Hey Dollz ツ
SRy for the lack of posts over the weekend, so much stuff to do - Xmas preps are driving me NUTS. Can't wait for the weekend. Have a couple more gifts to get and I'm done - thank god!!
Bandeau Top,Shorts : H&M, Bag: F21, Shoes: Steve Madden
I'm super excited for Miami!! I keep talking about it to everyone and gettin on their nerves but I can't help it...haven't seen my friends in almsot a yr ( skype doesn't count - common guys) so this is going to be a big reunioN!!! Anyway since I can't wait I already put one cute little Outfit together for the swing in the sunshine state!!
OMG and I totally forgot to update you guys - I hit a Internship as a Fashion Blogger!!!! How awesome is that?Kalila Green CEO of the women's jewelry and accessory line Carribean Lilac liked my Blog and asked me if I want to do a 6months internship blogging on her website! Hell yeah I want to!! I'm so happy.I know its not a HUGE world - known line but hey we gotta take babysteps right?! So my 1st Blog entry had its debut over the weekend! Check it out and stay tuned for the upcoming ones! Hope you enjoy it. Talk to you later.
Stay heavenly fab!


December 15, 2011

Summer Love

Hey Dollz.
Seriously, by every day its gettin colder and colder I wish back summer like crazy. Going to the pool, trips to the beach, shopping trips, BBQ's, summer Love, cook-outs, beautifuls colors and people. Ugh. can't waiiit for spring!! I'm just happy I get to spend two weeks in Miami over NYE so I can at least get my summer Quickie Flashback.
 Here is a little photo - stretch I did in summer just to beam you guys back for a few. Tell me what you think - Enjoy!
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                                                                   Bisou, Bisou

Pictures by Caro Krings

December 14, 2011

Look of the Day

Bag:Thrift, Pants: H&M, Blouse: Thrift, Watch: DKNY

Hey Dollz.
Supppper exhausted. I've been out all day trying to get this Xmas Shopping done! WOrst thing is that I'm so late #storyofmylife that almost everything I wanted to get is sold out. Common?!
I have to get really creative this year - worst scenario I wrap myself into a gift. Let's see how that works out.
Anyway today i felt like looking sophisticated and cute so check out my look of the Day and tell me if I hit or miss. Talk to you later.
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                                     Bisou, Bisou

December 13, 2011

MakeUp your Mind

Hey Dollz.
Today i have like trillion things to do so this is going to be a Quickie. ENjoy!
Right now I'm freakin in love with Eyeshadows. Literally obsessed. Just a few strokes of a brush can make Magic happen.Here are just a few variations of how I play with the paint-box.
Catch you later.


                                                                                                                Bisou, Bisou

December 12, 2011

Look of the Day: BlogLovin

Hey Dollz.

25° - I guess its time for me to accept its winter. Actually had to scratch the ice from the windows this morning - no joke!So nt looking forward to this upcoming cold. Back to looking like Rudolph with the runny nose and the ashy lookin skin from being out in the cold to long.
Cheerz to my fab Moisturizing cream ' Eucerin: Aquaphor' #Lifesaver.You might have noticed that I loved to wear bright colours no matter what season it is. I just love it. Especially since everything is so grey and bland out there aside from the Xmas decorations. Hope you ladiez enjoy my 'Look of the Day'! Make sure you follow me on BLOGLOVIN.
Catch You laters cuties.
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                          Bisou, Bisou

December 11, 2011

Go Comfy, Go Flat

Hey Dollz.
I really have to say I don't believe in Santa anymore. I give up. For two years in a row my list contained a 'Hermes bag'. Rushing down the stairs, falling and close to breaking my neck just to realize NO Hermes bag - frustrating. Sorry Santa I have to unfriend you on facebook and unfollow you on twitter. I'll be my own Santa this year.At least thats how I know I get what I want - suggest you do the same cuties!
Anyway lets put my little Santa issues aside. Being 6 foot tall is not always the best thing that could have happen to me when it comes to heels. We all love them but lets be real, sometimes I feel like they are raping my poor feet and believe me when I say I would press charges if I could. And than there is the little difficulty with finding a nice,tall,handsome,6,8 foot Dwayne the Rock Johnson look-a-like #GoodLuck
I love my little helpers: Flats. Ballerinas, Loafers, Slippers! You can't go wrong with them.Rock them chic or casual you'll always look good in them. Make sure you get yourself a pair, or two or lets just say as many as 'Santa' can carry. Gotta catch up on some sleep ladies - looooong Night #Shots
 Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                                      Bisou, Bisou

December 08, 2011

Gift Guide

Hey Dollz.
SUUUUPER Obsessed with my new discovery. We were over at my neighbours and he digged out his old record player. I freakin love it - SO bringing back the art of records!!
Anyway since the Holidays are coming closer and I'm always late with buying gifts ( altough Xmas is every yr on the same day :O ) i was looking around to get a idea of what I could get - FAIL! I ended up getting stuff for myself but I really do have some ideas of what to get soo that diserves a HUGE pat on my shoulder!
Here are some Holiday Picks!
Blanket: This Blanket is not just a regular Blanket, its THE BLANKET. This is such a universal gift you will thank me later for that. SOO comfy,soft and fluffy i wouldn't even share it with my imaginary husband.
It's perfect for one of those evenings where you just found out your boyfriend is cheating, your account is overdrawn and Will Smith is still married to Jada! YOu just wanna settle in with greasy Takeout Food, Ice Cream and Titanic (hate this movie btw but hey no judgement here right?! ).
Umbrella: It's a Must - Have! Especially if you happen to live along the east coast - Ugh weather really sucks right now! U know the feeling when u walkin around with the ugly $-Store umbrealla and can't wait for the sun to come out and get rid of it?! This is such a cute addition to your outfit , besides this is the kind of thing you don't buy yourself. Because right now my hair looks like I'm a homeless person. Good thing its been raining so bad lately at least I don't have come up for a excuse for a bad Hair Day!
Moet: #Cheerz. Sometimes you just need a little Sparkle to make it through the day, especially during the Holidays when you have the whole Clan over and the Mother of your boyfriend is being a pain in the behind!
Pandora: For your besties, Sisters, boss,wifes,mistresses, Affairs this is the perfect little gift for all the women out there! Its such a cute,classy and thougthful gift and you can keep adding clingers on the bracelet.
Sooo I've been talkin way too much girls my throat is gettin all dried up and you need to figure out some additional gift ideas and share them with me - don't let me do all the work here :)
Stay heavenly fab

                                                                                                 Bisou, Bisou

December 05, 2011

Look of the Day

F21 Sweater,Skirt,Necklace & flats, H&M Bow,Rings CRusse
Hey Dollz. I know I know Iknow. Its been a while. This week was absolutely crazy. FOr those who don't know I'm an Au Pair from Germany here. My agency requires me to collect 6 credits over a certain amount of time. Of course Juliet story of my life thought she had time - FAIL! Had to hand them in by the end of this weeek otherwise it would be a violation against my visa & they would deport my cute behind right back to Germany!! SO I lost my mind and somehow manage to squeeze myself into a weekend all day college course in Baltimore.
I made it!  I'm officially not going to spend a week in a cell with illegal immigrants. Altough i gotta say i could totally pull off orange..i would turn that prison jumper into a cute-looking Winter Must Have. Lol my mind is wandering again.
Lol over the weekend I was down in Baltimore and went out in Annaplos freakin love it. SO going to the Navy Ball in Spring :) Anyway I had the problems of every blogger I guess or maybe its just me ( very likely) there was no photographer around. Ugh. Let me tell u I had such cute Ouftfits on  - sucks didn't have a camera!
I try my best to change that.Catched a cold over the weekend soo I'm a hot mess.
Hope you enjoying my look of the Day.Catch you later guys!
Stay heavenly fab

                                                                                                                   Bisou, Bisou

November 29, 2011


Thank god its almost the time of the year: 'Santa Baby hurry down the chimney tonight..' :)
X MAX is almoost here i can't waiiiit!! The only thing from Santa I want this yr is MONEY, MONEy and MONEY! I'm still diggin the Gift Cards but I truly need some cash. I been spending money lately like crazy and I haven't even bought all the gifts yet! And the worst part is seeing all the cute stuff.
Once in a while I have that Rick Ross BMF feeling where I wanna go crazy bc just got my paycheck and there are no bills to pay- guess what,  thats the time where you find NOTHING!! And then there is a time where you shouldn't even think about getting a $ coffe at DunkinDonuts and you see all the pretty stuff all over the place - FAIL!! Anywayyway since its Xmas time and I'm not married to a Miami Heat Bball Star yet I gotta make it work.:!! Enjooy the Dress 4 Less Look Ladies!! Is there a look u want me to recreate- let me know!
Make sure you Check out my new Haul on Youtube!! ( SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE )
 STay heavenly fab

                                                                                              Bisou, Bisou

November 27, 2011


Hey Dollz. Sorry for the delay but I'm still digesting THanksgiving dinner. Holy Moly?! So muuuuuch food. I couldn't beliieve it. Turkey and 45587446 Million differetn stuffing, sweet poatatoe pie, Mac & Cheese, rice, corn, cornbreak, pumpkn soup..etc!!!
Seriously that wasn't a meal - it was freakin feast. You can feed a whole continent with all that.
Let me tell you I had a plan - a Masterplan, wearing some skinnies or a body conscious dress bc I figured hey they will let me think twice before reaching for a 2nd portion - FAIL. I spend the weekend at the freakin YMCA. At least it was packed, so i wasn't the only sinner ;).
Anyway Black FRiday. OMG. People are crazy. Since it was my 1st BF bc we don't have that in Germany I was super excited. WoW: People really took it serious, they lost their humanity and turned into wild animals??!!
It was warzone and I surprisingly survived and brought some cute stuff home ;) I had to catch on some sleep bc it was a 12 hr shopping trip!! I looked like Michael Jackson in Thriller I cantell you that!
I hope you had a wonderful time with you family and scored at BF, if not there is still Cyber Monday tomorrow. My imaginary Platin Credit Card is waitin to get in action.
Stay heavenly fab!
                                                                                                               Bisou, Bisou

November 22, 2011

5 Faves for Fall ...

Hey Dollz.
Ugh. Today is such a crazy day so much stuff to do. But for my favourite audience i always make some room ( you are my only audience but hey u can still flatter yourself - no judgement on this site ) This pieces are some of my hearties for this fall I'm totally obsessed with and wear every other day!! ツ
I believe the best way you keep your wardrobe dynamic and unique is with accessories that have a strong boyish attitude that underline your sassy and feminine side. Enjoy..!!
Unfortunately i gotta run ladiez ( thank god i'm wearing flats today )

Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                           Bisou, Bisou

November 21, 2011

Pretty In Pink..

#LookOfTheDay                               Heyy Dollz. Lost and found.was crazy busy during the weekend thats why i didn't have time to blog anything but hey I'm here now soooo  -  Don't hate me. Don't leave me its all good. Thankskiving is about to arrive and everybody is going crazy about it. Since I'm from Germany this is gonna be my 1st Thanksgiving but seriously it seems like its all about food.( not that I'm complaining, just saying lol) The founding fathers could have try harder to come up with a tradition. I mean the tradition is, we overeat. 'Hey, how about at Thanksgiving we just eat a lot?' 'But we do that every day!' 'Oh. What if we eat a lot with people that annoy the hell out of us?'" Making NO SENSE to me.Just saying. I'm preparing myself mentally for the 'BIG BANG'. The holiest day in the year. The beginning of the ending. The day after tomorrow. OK I think u know where i'm heading to, take a deep breath here it comes: BLACK FRIDAY.  
I can't wait for this crazyness! Be safe dollz. Don't get into a fight over a Calvin Klein Shirt with a old lady who has only 3 teeth left unless the shirt is super duper cute ( if you get locked up at least make it worth it ;)
Make sure to check out my 1st Haul Video on YOutube JulietHeaven07
Stay Heavenly fab..!!
                                                                                               Bisou, Bisou

November 19, 2011


#Thriftmania - so contagious.
So the other day I was off and came across two awesome thrift ocations and I literally lost my mind in their. I swear i spend hours in their trying stuff on and off. Even the cashier was like - ok you doing some serious work out here ( if he woud have been cute ..boooy - wel too bad ).

 Anyway, usually when I come back from shopping I have a multipe personality.Ready to check myself in.
One side of my is totally thriled and all over the new stuff, however the other side is like heartbroken and ready to commit suicide (don't worry I'm fine) since I spend my last penny and its time for the 'broke-diet' till the next paycheck is in. No, not with thrifting honey. I found so much cute stuff as you can see and I'm telling you hands down - i stayed under 100 bucks! Jeffrey at Red Lobster got a good tip that night i can tell you that.

Go thrifty ladiez. No regrets. No surrender. It's all about heaving fun.
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                         Bisou, Bisou

November 18, 2011

Tales of 1001 Nights..

Ugh. I couldn't wait for fall to come.. It really takes away the fun to play dress up when its 100 degrees out there and you sweating like you've been running a marathon. I mean Hey- How em I suppose to look cute and sweat my ass of at the same time? #MISSIONIMPOSSIBLE
But now I'm like - spring where are you?  I wanna wear my spring/ summer collection again. I miss those bright and neon colors who make u automatically feel good. Fall is so rainy and depressing. I hate the cold. At least now I can wear my Hunter rainboots I've been dying to wear them. ( coming sooon..!!)

OK I'm letting my mind wander here - my post today is in fact about a goodie my hostdad brought back from Afghanistan.  I'm absolutely in love with this bandaeu top. Take a deep breath and enjoy this for a sec. Look at this detailed and handmade perfection- Gorgeous! It's actually a belly dance outfit but hey gotta make it work.
I would love to chat more with you guys but I'm running late again - preps for xmas Bazar #cupcakesmania
Stay heavenly fab

                                                                                                              Bisou, Bisou

November 16, 2011

FurReal Friends.

I've been dying for one of these with a HOOD!! You can pull them off with almost everything. They look really feminine and chic and definetely add some glam factor to the outfit without looking like a Werewolf (so TeamJacob btw..!!)
Since I'm only a broke Au Pair with a bulimic wallet, I can only go for the Faux Fur one #immasurvivor
The Anti - Fur movement can give me some props for that - I'm tryin here ppl.
Anywya for those of you, who haven't rocked them yet check out H&M, f21  & Zara. You should also screen nearby thrift locations and ebay. Must have centerpiece this fall/winter!
With that said - stay furry!

                                                                                                     Bisou, Bisou


November 15, 2011

I saw the Light..

Man I'm so into the whole 80's closet scene right now, not even funny. I mean not to get all deep in history and all that but it that time range is sure a milestone for the current vintage hype in the fashion industry.
Sry got carried away - moving on to the good stuff.
When I saw this retro Blazer, with the matching turban the other day at Goodwill ( hold your breath this is EPIC) NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE! I was ready to pull out my Sthma Inhaler hands down ladiez. Tell me how adorable, gorgeous, beautiful,chic and casual is this blazer?! And the print - lord don't get me started. 2 words were crossing my mind ' You're going home with me ' ( maybe more than 2 words ). And with 3,75$ you can't go wrong honey! Don't hate ladiez god doesn't like ugly. This masterpiece in combo with the denim hight-waist jean from back in the days I'm ready to turn some heads and let my 'Sascha Fields' come out on stage.

I'll be on the hunt for a couple similar pieces. Hunting season is officially disclosed.
Stay heavenly fab

                                               Bisou, Bisou

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile...

Hey Dolls..!!
This is my Outfit for today - MIX MATCh of chic and casual!
I really like the boyish touch in some of my outfits like the Bow tie iin this one - super cute.
The blazer is amazing - I love the colour! This is one of my Thrift Treasures which I'm going to do a Haul on soon hopefully lol.
The pants are legging in jeans optic which are really comfy and go with everything -casual and chic.
Hope u like it Fashionistas!
 Gotta run like always - hit u up tomorrow.
Stay fabolous

Blazer Vintage Store, Shirt H&M, Bow Tie Topshop, Jegging F21

November 14, 2011

1st Time - No pressure please..

Yeaaahy. My blog finally got deflowered,  the key found the lock,orange got juiced, resigned the membership from the Big V-Club and joined the six-inch deep club - ehm ok I'm starting to get carried away here -  guess u know what I am trying to say - the cherry got popped lol.
Anyway other smarties play the piano,some draw, some acting like they could sing and other people again just admit straight up that they wanna be single forever by collecting stamps. I wanted to blog - so here I am starting to blog.
Stuff I'm going to feature here are outfits I'll throw together, Hauls, beauty and accessories i can't live without and thrift treasures I discovered while shopping or cleaning out my closet a project I expect to be working on for the foreseeable future. Other than that i hope to get your lazy little or big behinds ( no offense ) inspired to clean out your closet and to realize that you don't have to spend a lot of money to look well-put together.
Impress for Less. Fashion on a budget. Looking Good by living the Broke-Diet.
Believe me I know what I'm talking about because I am an Au Pair which practically means I'm a slave but look at me, i look pretty presentable right? ( u better think about it twice b4 you answer lol)
One more thing, putting this blog together was like a brain surgery. Who would have thought thats so complicated HTML, Javascript and Richmond call it, so that diserves a little extra attention and pet on my shoulder . 

Anyway late for brunch, story of my life. French Toast is waiting Dolls.

                                                                                                     Bisou bisou.