February 18, 2012

#Make Up of The DaY

Tell Me what you think. Stay fab!

                                               Bisou, Bisou

February 09, 2012

WooOow. Even for Me this grand canyon size  kind of lack is unusual. m ashamed of myself SMH. I've been burried under work,studying and getting my life in order. The universe has no mercy on my lifeloving soul. I must have been a horrible person in my former life - geeeeeeee.
Anywaay i owe u guys a apology #bigtime. With that being said. What's neww? Since Valentine is right around the corner I wanna say how thankful i'm for you guys. YOu are the reason I'm not just givin up on bloggin and feeling like a completely retard. Mad Love for you dollz.
Anyone attending Fashion week??? I'm tryin to make it next week after I (hopefully) survived this brain exhausting week. I'm starting to recognize I'm just talking to talk because I'm going through my learning matter for tomorrow sooo I'll just end this post with showing you my Outfit for tomorrow!! Tell me what you think when you have a chance. Oh and before I forget check out my Valentines Gift Guide -->Flirty February!!
Stay Heavenly Fab!

                                                                                                                  Bisou, Bisou

January 30, 2012

Colorful World.

Hey Dollz.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thrift Shopping is just balm for my oppressed purse. While I was running some errands Friday afternoon it happenend that I came across Goodwill which had a 50% sale going on :))))))
What do you think I did? Of course I went in. Let me tell you I got sooooooo lucky. I don't mean to brag    ( maybe just a little :P ) but ladiez you missed out on some unique pieces. But hey don't worry I got this. I'll let you be part of them by featuring them on here. So don't worry.
One of my favourite founds is this super cute red  Vintage Tuxedo Blazer. So freaking cute isn't it? I went right away to the Dry Cleaners dropped everything because impatient as Iam, I couldn't wait to rock my Newbies. You made any discoveries I need to know about? Share your thoughts with me :)
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                             Bisou, Bisou

January 24, 2012

Be Mine ❤

Hey Dollz.
Proud to announce I survived the little intermezzo with Mr. Snow. He didn't have enough staying power, so not impressed. That was definetely a  one-time affair.
 Anyway with NY Fashion Week and Lovey Dovey Day fast approaching I got plenty of other things on my mind, like what show to attend? In 2 1/2h weeks my most favourite city is turning once again into the worlds fashion playground. Who wants to miss out the reunion of our fashion worlds eccentric but genuis Einsteins debuting  their Masterpieces for Fall 2012?! Sure not Me.
So unknown Valentine make sure to take Me to Tory Burches, Vera Wang and J.Crews Show on lovey dovey Day and I'll make sure to thank you in a appropriate way. I'll watch Super Bowl with you and pizza and pretend I like beer. More than some women would do. Check out my Outfit for today and let me know what you think. Also dolls be on the look out for my Valentines Gift Guide!
Stay hevenly fab!

                                                                Bisou, Bisou

January 18, 2012

Look of the day

Hey Dollz!
Today is such a beautiful day and for some reason I'm in such a good mood *yeaaahy*
This years colors are most def  Pastel. Since I was never the showcase example neither in kindergarden where I accidentely put cement in the toilet bowles nor in primary school where I again accidentely activate the fire alarm. Showcase example was definetely not me. I was a a lil brat until  my parents talked some sense to me but thats a whole different story. My mom has a New Years resolution for me * try to not swim against the stream* well since I love and miss her so much I'll do her the favour; I'm following the gut of Allstar designers Chanel, D&G,Ralph Lauren and Nina Ricci - I go for Pastel.
Enjoy my look for the day! Oh, and before I forget - make sure to check out my new Internship blog entry Kiss n' Tell!!
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                             Bisou, Bisou

January 10, 2012

BB Bold Brights

BB Bold BrightsHey Dollz.                                         Omg it's soo depressing outside. Seriously god you know me, I'm not a complainer - usually, but as you know I don't do well with wet n' wild; well when it comes to the weather at least :D Lately my pockets are kind of tight which is sooooooo not goood!!! Right now the stores are throwing stuff at you - so many sales, so many cute outfits, and I'm so not liquid!! Sucks!
 OK ladiesz I'll definetely need a quick way to make quick bucks, I'm having withdrawal symptoms caused by the lack of shopping for 2 weeks (my thriftstop yesterday does not count spend less then 30bucks)!! I need my golden shot otherwise I'll pass out during window drooling :)
I think we all heard enough from my financial crisis. lets move on to the bright side of life. You know that I always add a extra portion color to my wardrobe because I just love to be colorful. I need you guys to be on the same boat as me. This is not me asking you girls, this is a request. It's soooo dull, boring and grey outside. Everybody is looking like they are on the way to their own funeral - sheesh. Color up your outfits to beat the winter doldrums. Color is not seasonal - it's timeless.
Stay heavenly fab ! ( and dry )

                                                                                                               Bisou, Bisou