November 19, 2011


#Thriftmania - so contagious.
So the other day I was off and came across two awesome thrift ocations and I literally lost my mind in their. I swear i spend hours in their trying stuff on and off. Even the cashier was like - ok you doing some serious work out here ( if he woud have been cute ..boooy - wel too bad ).

 Anyway, usually when I come back from shopping I have a multipe personality.Ready to check myself in.
One side of my is totally thriled and all over the new stuff, however the other side is like heartbroken and ready to commit suicide (don't worry I'm fine) since I spend my last penny and its time for the 'broke-diet' till the next paycheck is in. No, not with thrifting honey. I found so much cute stuff as you can see and I'm telling you hands down - i stayed under 100 bucks! Jeffrey at Red Lobster got a good tip that night i can tell you that.

Go thrifty ladiez. No regrets. No surrender. It's all about heaving fun.
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                         Bisou, Bisou

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