December 20, 2011

Beauty comes in every size ツ

I just have to share this with you guys: today I saw the men of my dreams. THe father of my children. Love of my Life. My Clyde. I was gettin my daily dose of drugs at Starbucks, about to take off when I saw him. Black Chrysler driving by. Best intense 5 seconds of my life. Come and find me unknown Rider. Thats just a little something aside in case you hear i'm getting maried in a few weeks lol. Back to the fun part ( not that sinkin in those eyes  and thinking about what college our kids going to attend wasn't lol )
Let's face it, dollz. In Society being skinny is still the norm and  considered beautiful. The other day while I was on the hunt for soome pre NYE dresses, there was a mother with two teenage daughters. One of them was more the skyinny type and the other one more chubby. Anway they where trying on dresses when the Mom was complementing the skinny one on how gorgeous she looks.The other one though she told ' Oh honey you can't be seriously considering this dress, you are to big for that'. I was shocked. Ready to get in Ninja Mode and give her a nice taste of my new Steve Maddens. 
I jumped right in and told the cute girl that she looks fabolous. And she should wear whatever she feels pretty and comfortbale with and earned a ' I didn't mean it that way' glance from the Mom.
What is wrong with the world?! 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' Don't let people get to you. Embrace yourself and do you. Beauty comes in every size,shape and colour.
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                                Bisou, Bisou


  1. Great blog! So glad I found it. Great post too!!! :-)

  2. Aww thank you hun :) Appreciate it! xx

  3. Great story!! And you rock for saying what you said to that young girl. It will be with her always, and I hope the mother begins to watch what she says to her beautiful daughter. You have a beautiful personality, contiune to shine bright!