November 27, 2011


Hey Dollz. Sorry for the delay but I'm still digesting THanksgiving dinner. Holy Moly?! So muuuuuch food. I couldn't beliieve it. Turkey and 45587446 Million differetn stuffing, sweet poatatoe pie, Mac & Cheese, rice, corn, cornbreak, pumpkn soup..etc!!!
Seriously that wasn't a meal - it was freakin feast. You can feed a whole continent with all that.
Let me tell you I had a plan - a Masterplan, wearing some skinnies or a body conscious dress bc I figured hey they will let me think twice before reaching for a 2nd portion - FAIL. I spend the weekend at the freakin YMCA. At least it was packed, so i wasn't the only sinner ;).
Anyway Black FRiday. OMG. People are crazy. Since it was my 1st BF bc we don't have that in Germany I was super excited. WoW: People really took it serious, they lost their humanity and turned into wild animals??!!
It was warzone and I surprisingly survived and brought some cute stuff home ;) I had to catch on some sleep bc it was a 12 hr shopping trip!! I looked like Michael Jackson in Thriller I cantell you that!
I hope you had a wonderful time with you family and scored at BF, if not there is still Cyber Monday tomorrow. My imaginary Platin Credit Card is waitin to get in action.
Stay heavenly fab!
                                                                                                               Bisou, Bisou

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