February 18, 2012

#Make Up of The DaY

Tell Me what you think. Stay fab!

                                               Bisou, Bisou

February 09, 2012

WooOow. Even for Me this grand canyon size  kind of lack is unusual. m ashamed of myself SMH. I've been burried under work,studying and getting my life in order. The universe has no mercy on my lifeloving soul. I must have been a horrible person in my former life - geeeeeeee.
Anywaay i owe u guys a apology #bigtime. With that being said. What's neww? Since Valentine is right around the corner I wanna say how thankful i'm for you guys. YOu are the reason I'm not just givin up on bloggin and feeling like a completely retard. Mad Love for you dollz.
Anyone attending Fashion week??? I'm tryin to make it next week after I (hopefully) survived this brain exhausting week. I'm starting to recognize I'm just talking to talk because I'm going through my learning matter for tomorrow sooo I'll just end this post with showing you my Outfit for tomorrow!! Tell me what you think when you have a chance. Oh and before I forget check out my Valentines Gift Guide -->Flirty February!!
Stay Heavenly Fab!

                                                                                                                  Bisou, Bisou