December 11, 2011

Go Comfy, Go Flat

Hey Dollz.
I really have to say I don't believe in Santa anymore. I give up. For two years in a row my list contained a 'Hermes bag'. Rushing down the stairs, falling and close to breaking my neck just to realize NO Hermes bag - frustrating. Sorry Santa I have to unfriend you on facebook and unfollow you on twitter. I'll be my own Santa this year.At least thats how I know I get what I want - suggest you do the same cuties!
Anyway lets put my little Santa issues aside. Being 6 foot tall is not always the best thing that could have happen to me when it comes to heels. We all love them but lets be real, sometimes I feel like they are raping my poor feet and believe me when I say I would press charges if I could. And than there is the little difficulty with finding a nice,tall,handsome,6,8 foot Dwayne the Rock Johnson look-a-like #GoodLuck
I love my little helpers: Flats. Ballerinas, Loafers, Slippers! You can't go wrong with them.Rock them chic or casual you'll always look good in them. Make sure you get yourself a pair, or two or lets just say as many as 'Santa' can carry. Gotta catch up on some sleep ladies - looooong Night #Shots
 Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                                      Bisou, Bisou


  1. Those flats are cute! :)
    You are the Chic Beauty of the week
    Make sure you check it out!
    Thanks for becoming #CERTIFIEDchic!

  2. Thanky you so much :)
    Appreciate it!