November 18, 2011

Tales of 1001 Nights..

Ugh. I couldn't wait for fall to come.. It really takes away the fun to play dress up when its 100 degrees out there and you sweating like you've been running a marathon. I mean Hey- How em I suppose to look cute and sweat my ass of at the same time? #MISSIONIMPOSSIBLE
But now I'm like - spring where are you?  I wanna wear my spring/ summer collection again. I miss those bright and neon colors who make u automatically feel good. Fall is so rainy and depressing. I hate the cold. At least now I can wear my Hunter rainboots I've been dying to wear them. ( coming sooon..!!)

OK I'm letting my mind wander here - my post today is in fact about a goodie my hostdad brought back from Afghanistan.  I'm absolutely in love with this bandaeu top. Take a deep breath and enjoy this for a sec. Look at this detailed and handmade perfection- Gorgeous! It's actually a belly dance outfit but hey gotta make it work.
I would love to chat more with you guys but I'm running late again - preps for xmas Bazar #cupcakesmania
Stay heavenly fab

                                                                                                              Bisou, Bisou


  1. That bandeau is soooooooo frickin cute! Love how you rocked it as well :)

  2. Thanky you hun! I'm in loooove with it too!