December 05, 2011

Look of the Day

F21 Sweater,Skirt,Necklace & flats, H&M Bow,Rings CRusse
Hey Dollz. I know I know Iknow. Its been a while. This week was absolutely crazy. FOr those who don't know I'm an Au Pair from Germany here. My agency requires me to collect 6 credits over a certain amount of time. Of course Juliet story of my life thought she had time - FAIL! Had to hand them in by the end of this weeek otherwise it would be a violation against my visa & they would deport my cute behind right back to Germany!! SO I lost my mind and somehow manage to squeeze myself into a weekend all day college course in Baltimore.
I made it!  I'm officially not going to spend a week in a cell with illegal immigrants. Altough i gotta say i could totally pull off orange..i would turn that prison jumper into a cute-looking Winter Must Have. Lol my mind is wandering again.
Lol over the weekend I was down in Baltimore and went out in Annaplos freakin love it. SO going to the Navy Ball in Spring :) Anyway I had the problems of every blogger I guess or maybe its just me ( very likely) there was no photographer around. Ugh. Let me tell u I had such cute Ouftfits on  - sucks didn't have a camera!
I try my best to change that.Catched a cold over the weekend soo I'm a hot mess.
Hope you enjoying my look of the Day.Catch you later guys!
Stay heavenly fab

                                                                                                                   Bisou, Bisou

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