December 19, 2011

Point Taken ✔

Hey Dollz ツ
SRy for the lack of posts over the weekend, so much stuff to do - Xmas preps are driving me NUTS. Can't wait for the weekend. Have a couple more gifts to get and I'm done - thank god!!
Bandeau Top,Shorts : H&M, Bag: F21, Shoes: Steve Madden
I'm super excited for Miami!! I keep talking about it to everyone and gettin on their nerves but I can't help it...haven't seen my friends in almsot a yr ( skype doesn't count - common guys) so this is going to be a big reunioN!!! Anyway since I can't wait I already put one cute little Outfit together for the swing in the sunshine state!!
OMG and I totally forgot to update you guys - I hit a Internship as a Fashion Blogger!!!! How awesome is that?Kalila Green CEO of the women's jewelry and accessory line Carribean Lilac liked my Blog and asked me if I want to do a 6months internship blogging on her website! Hell yeah I want to!! I'm so happy.I know its not a HUGE world - known line but hey we gotta take babysteps right?! So my 1st Blog entry had its debut over the weekend! Check it out and stay tuned for the upcoming ones! Hope you enjoy it. Talk to you later.
Stay heavenly fab!



  1. Congrats hun! I'll be heading to Miami as well to bring in the new year! Putting my looks together as we speak :D

  2. Thx QT! Where will u be celebratin? I'm soo exited can't waiiit :D