November 15, 2011

I saw the Light..

Man I'm so into the whole 80's closet scene right now, not even funny. I mean not to get all deep in history and all that but it that time range is sure a milestone for the current vintage hype in the fashion industry.
Sry got carried away - moving on to the good stuff.
When I saw this retro Blazer, with the matching turban the other day at Goodwill ( hold your breath this is EPIC) NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE! I was ready to pull out my Sthma Inhaler hands down ladiez. Tell me how adorable, gorgeous, beautiful,chic and casual is this blazer?! And the print - lord don't get me started. 2 words were crossing my mind ' You're going home with me ' ( maybe more than 2 words ). And with 3,75$ you can't go wrong honey! Don't hate ladiez god doesn't like ugly. This masterpiece in combo with the denim hight-waist jean from back in the days I'm ready to turn some heads and let my 'Sascha Fields' come out on stage.

I'll be on the hunt for a couple similar pieces. Hunting season is officially disclosed.
Stay heavenly fab

                                               Bisou, Bisou


  1. Girl, ich war erst letzte woche bei Goodwill, eigentlich bei 2. In Newark und Bear und hab bei beiden was gefunden, 3,75 each :D Cant get any better, right! Steht dir uebrigens super :)