November 16, 2011

FurReal Friends.

I've been dying for one of these with a HOOD!! You can pull them off with almost everything. They look really feminine and chic and definetely add some glam factor to the outfit without looking like a Werewolf (so TeamJacob btw..!!)
Since I'm only a broke Au Pair with a bulimic wallet, I can only go for the Faux Fur one #immasurvivor
The Anti - Fur movement can give me some props for that - I'm tryin here ppl.
Anywya for those of you, who haven't rocked them yet check out H&M, f21  & Zara. You should also screen nearby thrift locations and ebay. Must have centerpiece this fall/winter!
With that said - stay furry!

                                                                                                     Bisou, Bisou



  1. I've been craving one for SO long!!!

  2. I've been contemplating purchasing a faux fur vest from F21 for months now! Not sure that I'd be able to wear it because it really doesn't get that cold in The Bahamas but gosh it would look so good in my closet!

  3. i totally know what you saying. This is just a wardrobe staple. Sth you have to hae bc it just looks so cute on you!
    Good thing its gettin chilly here at the east coast so I can rock mine :)

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  5. I love fur vests!! <3
    Do you know from where the first one, from the picture is?