December 08, 2011

Gift Guide

Hey Dollz.
SUUUUPER Obsessed with my new discovery. We were over at my neighbours and he digged out his old record player. I freakin love it - SO bringing back the art of records!!
Anyway since the Holidays are coming closer and I'm always late with buying gifts ( altough Xmas is every yr on the same day :O ) i was looking around to get a idea of what I could get - FAIL! I ended up getting stuff for myself but I really do have some ideas of what to get soo that diserves a HUGE pat on my shoulder!
Here are some Holiday Picks!
Blanket: This Blanket is not just a regular Blanket, its THE BLANKET. This is such a universal gift you will thank me later for that. SOO comfy,soft and fluffy i wouldn't even share it with my imaginary husband.
It's perfect for one of those evenings where you just found out your boyfriend is cheating, your account is overdrawn and Will Smith is still married to Jada! YOu just wanna settle in with greasy Takeout Food, Ice Cream and Titanic (hate this movie btw but hey no judgement here right?! ).
Umbrella: It's a Must - Have! Especially if you happen to live along the east coast - Ugh weather really sucks right now! U know the feeling when u walkin around with the ugly $-Store umbrealla and can't wait for the sun to come out and get rid of it?! This is such a cute addition to your outfit , besides this is the kind of thing you don't buy yourself. Because right now my hair looks like I'm a homeless person. Good thing its been raining so bad lately at least I don't have come up for a excuse for a bad Hair Day!
Moet: #Cheerz. Sometimes you just need a little Sparkle to make it through the day, especially during the Holidays when you have the whole Clan over and the Mother of your boyfriend is being a pain in the behind!
Pandora: For your besties, Sisters, boss,wifes,mistresses, Affairs this is the perfect little gift for all the women out there! Its such a cute,classy and thougthful gift and you can keep adding clingers on the bracelet.
Sooo I've been talkin way too much girls my throat is gettin all dried up and you need to figure out some additional gift ideas and share them with me - don't let me do all the work here :)
Stay heavenly fab

                                                                                                 Bisou, Bisou

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