December 12, 2011

Look of the Day: BlogLovin

Hey Dollz.

25° - I guess its time for me to accept its winter. Actually had to scratch the ice from the windows this morning - no joke!So nt looking forward to this upcoming cold. Back to looking like Rudolph with the runny nose and the ashy lookin skin from being out in the cold to long.
Cheerz to my fab Moisturizing cream ' Eucerin: Aquaphor' #Lifesaver.You might have noticed that I loved to wear bright colours no matter what season it is. I just love it. Especially since everything is so grey and bland out there aside from the Xmas decorations. Hope you ladiez enjoy my 'Look of the Day'! Make sure you follow me on BLOGLOVIN.
Catch You laters cuties.
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                          Bisou, Bisou

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