January 03, 2012

New Years ☮

Hey Dollz.
I know I know, shame on me. This was a awful long and torturing break. Had some preety crazy,amazing never wanna miss again last days. I'm still in Miami and it is absolutely epic. First of all the fact to see my friends again who came all the way from Germany made me feel like I the day I got my first Louboutins ( don#t own a pair yet but hey I'm assuming..i kinda experience it in my dreams LoL).
Anyway besides that I'm so digging the weather...kinda considering staying here freaking love it. And I had my 2nd drop dead experience I've only been here for a week and saw Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Cee Lo, Lil Twist; DJ Khaled. Speechless. Cherry on the cake was we went to the Miami Heat Game and let me tell you ladies eye candy all over :D
Apart from my atony for tall,dark,muskelous,handsome..check out my New Years Outfit. Since I couldn't find the dress of my dreams I had to improvise. Let me know what you think.
Catch you later cuties, Beach is calling.
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                              Bisou, Bisou

Ps: I'm the good looking chic on the right lol you should know that by now *smh


  1. Oh doll you're so gorge! Love the ensemble!

  2. Thaank you hun!! Appreciate it :)
    The shorts were kinda supershort but I just loved the idea of the whole Michael Jackson meets classy Stripper. Glad you like it!