January 24, 2012

Be Mine ❤

Hey Dollz.
Proud to announce I survived the little intermezzo with Mr. Snow. He didn't have enough staying power, so not impressed. That was definetely a  one-time affair.
 Anyway with NY Fashion Week and Lovey Dovey Day fast approaching I got plenty of other things on my mind, like what show to attend? In 2 1/2h weeks my most favourite city is turning once again into the worlds fashion playground. Who wants to miss out the reunion of our fashion worlds eccentric but genuis Einsteins debuting  their Masterpieces for Fall 2012?! Sure not Me.
So unknown Valentine make sure to take Me to Tory Burches, Vera Wang and J.Crews Show on lovey dovey Day and I'll make sure to thank you in a appropriate way. I'll watch Super Bowl with you and pizza and pretend I like beer. More than some women would do. Check out my Outfit for today and let me know what you think. Also dolls be on the look out for my Valentines Gift Guide!
Stay hevenly fab!

                                                                Bisou, Bisou

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