January 30, 2012

Colorful World.

Hey Dollz.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thrift Shopping is just balm for my oppressed purse. While I was running some errands Friday afternoon it happenend that I came across Goodwill which had a 50% sale going on :))))))
What do you think I did? Of course I went in. Let me tell you I got sooooooo lucky. I don't mean to brag    ( maybe just a little :P ) but ladiez you missed out on some unique pieces. But hey don't worry I got this. I'll let you be part of them by featuring them on here. So don't worry.
One of my favourite founds is this super cute red  Vintage Tuxedo Blazer. So freaking cute isn't it? I went right away to the Dry Cleaners dropped everything because impatient as Iam, I couldn't wait to rock my Newbies. You made any discoveries I need to know about? Share your thoughts with me :)
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                                                             Bisou, Bisou


  1. I love the ensemble. I love the colors even more. That tuxedo blazer is the cutest!

  2. Thank you hun :) i love the colors too..can't wait for spring!