January 18, 2012

Look of the day

Hey Dollz!
Today is such a beautiful day and for some reason I'm in such a good mood *yeaaahy*
This years colors are most def  Pastel. Since I was never the showcase example neither in kindergarden where I accidentely put cement in the toilet bowles nor in primary school where I again accidentely activate the fire alarm. Showcase example was definetely not me. I was a a lil brat until  my parents talked some sense to me but thats a whole different story. My mom has a New Years resolution for me * try to not swim against the stream* well since I love and miss her so much I'll do her the favour; I'm following the gut of Allstar designers Chanel, D&G,Ralph Lauren and Nina Ricci - I go for Pastel.
Enjoy my look for the day! Oh, and before I forget - make sure to check out my new Internship blog entry Kiss n' Tell!!
Stay heavenly fab!

                                                             Bisou, Bisou


  1. Love the blazer.


    ♥ Please check out my blog www.shanicexoxo.info and hopefully subscribe :) *I will be starting my 'outfit' posts soon.

  2. I'm in love with that dress. It's so romantic! I also love the fact that you paired with with a teal blazer. I couldn't have done it better myself!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Qt's! and Shanice I'll def check it out and subscribe!!