January 10, 2012

BB Bold Brights

BB Bold BrightsHey Dollz.                                         Omg it's soo depressing outside. Seriously god you know me, I'm not a complainer - usually, but as you know I don't do well with wet n' wild; well when it comes to the weather at least :D Lately my pockets are kind of tight which is sooooooo not goood!!! Right now the stores are throwing stuff at you - so many sales, so many cute outfits, and I'm so not liquid!! Sucks!
 OK ladiesz I'll definetely need a quick way to make quick bucks, I'm having withdrawal symptoms caused by the lack of shopping for 2 weeks (my thriftstop yesterday does not count spend less then 30bucks)!! I need my golden shot otherwise I'll pass out during window drooling :)
I think we all heard enough from my financial crisis. lets move on to the bright side of life. You know that I always add a extra portion color to my wardrobe because I just love to be colorful. I need you guys to be on the same boat as me. This is not me asking you girls, this is a request. It's soooo dull, boring and grey outside. Everybody is looking like they are on the way to their own funeral - sheesh. Color up your outfits to beat the winter doldrums. Color is not seasonal - it's timeless.
Stay heavenly fab ! ( and dry )

                                                                                                               Bisou, Bisou


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